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The Old SmithyThe Old Smithy
Once a farm then a smithy and now a house, it stands as an example of what was once an essential part of everyday life of every village.

Archive and other material

THE HISTORY of Ruyton XI Towns, which is situated close to the Welsh border between
the Shropshire towns of Shrewsbury and Oswestry, dates back at least to the Anglo
Saxon period.

In 2008 the 'township' celebated its 700 year Charter Borough anniversity which co-incided
with the completion of preservation work on the ruins of Ruyton XI Towns' castle.
The resulting interest in, and awareness of, the parish's history led to the creation of the
Ruyton XI Towns Local History Society.

Books on Ruyton XI Towns and
surrounding areas

A History of Ruyton XI Towns - Unusual Name Unusual History*
Yoland Brown
Brewin Books, 1988

A Pictorial History of Ruyton
and the XI Towns**
Yoland Brown

Boreatton Park - From Dame Agnes Hunt
to PGL
Adventure Holidays*
Yoland Brown

**A Walk Through Ruyton XI Towns -
Unusual Name, Unusual History
Yoland Brown

*Out of print but available from local libraries.
**Contact: Yoland Brown,
Brownhill House Hill and Gardens,
Ruyton Xi Towns, Shropshire, SY4 1LR.

Hatchments of Ruyton XI Towns
and Great Ness
Stewart A.L. Ballantyne and Peter Evans
Available from the Society, 50p, (See 'Our Committee' page)


Books continued

Social Life in Ruyton XI Towns,
1870 - 1900. As seen through the School Log Book
J. E. Hanson
Available from the Society, £5.(See 'Our Committee' page)

General Information on Ruyton and its History
Compiled by Shropshire Archives

Listed Buildings
English Heritage/Images of England


Flora Fauna and Birds of Ruyton

Ruyton Castle and Heritage Group

The Parish Church of St. John the Baptist
Link through:

Church Heritage Corner
By arrangement with the Curate in Charge: The Revd. Lucinda Burns
01939 261234

Information Leaflet on the War Memorial
Free, available through the Society and within the Church

Deposited at Shropshire Archives
Ruyton XI Towns Parish Council Records, 1875-1908
Accession No. 08537
Ref. No. CP234
Collector's monthly statement books: 1875-1886,1886-1891,1893-1899.
Valuation book 1897.
2 envelopes 'Mrs. Bound' containing bils and receipts,1894-1908.